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Welcome to Floating Link Preview ! ! !

Lets start with ScreenShot:
(Please note that following is a Screen Shot)


(Please note that above is a Screen Shot)

Above is a screen shot of Floating Link Preview in Work. On taking mouse over a link on the web page, it is displaying it's thumbnail image preview with favorites icon. The thumbnail image is from thumbshots.

What is Floating Link Preview?
Daily when you are surfing the web, you find lot of links on your favorite search engines and web directories. Then you try some of these links by reading the title or description about the link.
Here comes the role of Floating Link Preview (similar to Link Preview) to help you find what you want in faster and cooler way.
Floating Link Preview (like Link Preview) is a tool / utility which displayes thumbnail image preview of the web page related to the link on taking the mouse cursor over the link on any web page of any web site. Floating Link Preview is absolutely Free.
You can choose any one or both from "Floating Link Preview" and "Link Preview" whichever you find suitable for your regular use. 

Consider a web page is having list of links like bellow:

Yahoo                                                                       Google                                                                       MSN

Now Click Here -> Floating Link Preview and Move the mouse cursor over above links to see the result!!!

Get It Now:
Now the next question in your mind will be- where to download an how to install Floating Link Preview?
Surprisingly the answer is:
You need not to download or install any software for this; you just have to add the following link to the favorites links (Bookmarks) of you browser.
(Use floating link preview only if you agree and accept Terms of Use and Privacy Policy ):
Add this Link to your Browser -> Floating Link Preview

To Add the above mentioned ink to Links Bar of your browser, follow the instructions bellow
( Its Very Simple ).

1.  For IE (Microsoft Internet Explorer):   "Right Click"  the above Link  >>  Click
"Add to Favorites..."  >>   select "Links"  >>  say "OK".

2.  For Mozilla-FireFox or Opera, just Drag the above Link to the Links Bar in your Browser.

After adding the link to your browser, the link will appear link this :

                      In Microsoft Internet Explorer:

                     In Mozilla Firefox:

                     In Opera:

After adding the link as Bookmark, Go to your favorite search engine or web directory, and search for your favorite subject. When result is displayed on the page, click the Floating Link Preview bookmark and see the cool result. Floating Link Preview is not only for search engines or web directory but it can be used on any web page.

3. If you have Greasemonkey installed on you Firfox browser,

Get GreaseMonkey User Script for Floating Link Preview Here

1. Displays thumbnail preview of the web page related to the links on mouse-over on any web site.
2. Floating Link Preview is not specific to a particular web site. It can be used on any web page having links on it.
3. It also displays favourites icon of the website related to the thumbnail preview.
4. No installation required, just add the Link Preview bookmark to your browser.
5. Cross Browser compatible, we have tested it on IE-6 ,Mozilla- Firefox 1.5, Opera-8.54 on Windows. It is best viewed on IE-6 ,Mozilla- Firefox 1.5
6. The thumbnail images found for the exact url will be displayed with blue border while other with black border.

1. To stop the Floating Link Preview once started, you have to refresh the page.
2. Since Floating Link Preview is very generic tool, you may get some bugs. We will be thankful to you if you report bugs to us.
3.Currently the tool gets refreshed daily once. We will keep updating the tool if it is necessary. If Floating Link Preview is required to be added again, we will display such message on Floating Link Preview.
4. We may display advertisements along with Floating Link Preview in future if required.
5. All the thumbnail images may not be accurate or they may be unrelated to the links because it is difficult to find out the where exactly the link is redirecting.
6. Thumbnails for all the links may not get resolved and displayed. Only available thumbnails will be displayed.
7. No client information is logged when you use this tool - We totally respect your privacy.

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